Project Building Blocks

Empowering diversity in Canada's digital future

The pace of change

Canada’s economy is quickly shifting to a digital future – ensuring that all Canadians have access to the basics of digital literacy and are aware of the changes in our evolving employment market are increasingly critical.

Designed to build early engagement in underrepresented groups in the tech sector, Building Blocks aims to create the foundations for digital opportunities in Canada’s Indigenous communities through its innovative youth technology education programs.

Organizations within Alberta’s blockchain technology ecosystem have created this unique pilot project to help build a platform for these emerging new opportunities. The initial program is seeking partnerships with groups supporting Indigenous youth and follows a multi-stage participatory educational process in which students take an active role in realizing their visions for the next generation of digital opportunities.

Students will participate in a number of engaging programs, including:

Weekly Workshops

on digital literacy skills, including coding

Regular Meetings

Meetings where they can learn about the opportunities and challenges of careers in technology from successful members of underrepresented groups

Project Engagement

Project engagement where students engage in group discussions to identify issues in their communities and build paths to solving them through technology

Technological Tools

Receive important technological tools to facilitate learning, including software and hardware donated by corporate partners
Building Blocks was developed by the Canadian Blockchain Association for Women (CBAW), Blockchain for Indigenous Rights International (BIRI) and the Alberta Blockchain Consortium (ABC) and supported by industry and technology ecosystem partners.